I know it’s stupid but I hate his sister. Shes so beautiful and yet so disappointing. I wanted her to open up to me and she recoiled. She’s way prettier than me. It’s not even eight am and my stomach hurts. He wants to go to the doctor’s with me. He fed me chocolate two nights ago and asked if I wanted to go on more “real dates”; I said yes. We’re just getting started but sometime my heart thinks it’s already over

I love him more and more every day. We have so much sex now, we’re so intimate and I love it

All day I’ve been waiting for this spliff, yEEEES I’m almost home

Today has been really great and work went well but I’m tired and grumpy and angry at him for not being loving EVER. It’s fucking ALWAYS me who is cute and nice. I don’t do it to get something in return but it sure feels like I’m making a fool of myself when I say I miss him and he barely replies. FUCK YOU and fuck you again for buying weed and not inviting me over when I shared five fuckin grams with you. Ugh I am so frustrated and I don’t want to forgive him as soon as I see his cute face but I know I fucking will

he must be the only guy who doesn’t prioritize sex and it’s no fun

I want him so badly

During our trip, we climbed a mountain. I couldn’t go any further because I was too scared, so I sat on a steep spot and cried while they kept going. I listened to the strokes and felt all alone. That’s when he comes back and sits down next to me. I look at him and start to cry, saying I was so scared. He says, “I know, but I came back for you. When you’re ready, I want to show you the top.” After a while I try to get up but end up crying hysterically again. He holds my face in his hands and kisses me. Then he takes me to the most beautiful spot I’ve ever been, with a view that literally took my breath away. I want to marry this man.

Everything is much better thanks to talking about my feelings. Never thought it would’ve worked this well

I just want him to love me so much and it just doesn’t feel like he does. I asked him if he really loves me and he said of course, but…. ugh

It seems like everything’s great but there’s ALWAYS something to complain about WHY